Přednášky typu „Invited Speakers“
  • P. Soudek, T. Vaněk : From laboratory experiments to large scale application - example of phytoremediation of radionuclides, in NATO ASI summer school: Advanced science and technology for biological decontamination of sites affected by chemical and radiological nuclear agents, Zhitomir State Technological University, Zhitomir, Ukraine, (17-28 August, 2005)
  • T. Vaněk, R. Podlipná, Z. Vavříková, P. Soudek: Phytoremediation of organic pollutants., in APaCPA 2007, (Nair, H., ed.), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, (17.-21. June 2007), p. 67 (OL33)
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